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It's Time to Fall in Love with YOU

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Meet the Owner

Our Commitment To You


At Organic Salon Amber we believe in a Natural Holistic Approach to bringing out the best of you. We believe you deserve beautiful hair that doesn't cost your health. We are Earth Stylist committed to Sustainability, Wellness, Beauty, and Creativity.

We Use 100% ammonia-free Hair color
and Whitener

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Certified Organic

Certified Natural 



Owner &  Long Hair Specialist

I respect and appreciate your long hair and its integrity! I have been in the industry for 18 years and have been certified in 8 different color lines. I will do what it takes to keep your hair healthy and beautiful! 


We believe in providing you with quality hair solutions that are safe for your health, sustainable to our planet, and still give you that sexy sassy feeling. We are proud to offer you Natulique.


The unrivaled quality of the NATULIQUE Professional and Certified Organic Hair Care products can only be attributed to the passion and dedication involved in creating hair care products that outperform even the most established brands in the professional hair care market and are made of more than 95% Organic/Natural active Ingredients in each product.